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Good ownership only thing missing from Atlanta Hawks revival says...David Aldridge

The DA turns his attention to the Good Guys.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

This Hawks season has been otherworldly and coming off a win over the tough Los Angeles Clippers, in the Staples Center, after a day's worth of accolades and attention, that the Hawks won and looked so impressive doing it signaled another milestone in the team's improvement.

So who better to comment on the Hawks good run that the talented David Aldridge of, who uses his weekly opus, the Morning Tip, to get deep on the Hawks and discuss his take that the missing piece remaining is stable ownership, one that will be supportive, but stay out of the way.

It is such an important time for the franchise. Getting the ownership question settled before next summer is crucial, because it's been two decades since all the important metrics for the franchise were all trending up to this degree.

Aldridge also highlights the recent AJC report on the entirety of the Hawks being up for sale and the subsequent denials. Ultimately, the whole situation has the NBA Commissioner's attention.

For months, the league has been leaning on the Levenson and Gearon groups to come together. Sources said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver had Levenson and Gearon up to New York just after the start of the season to try and hammer out a deal, without success.

They work, these Atlanta Hawks, and that is true on two levels. They put in the time to practice, develop and get better, they give great effort on the floor and they're in first place in the Eastern Conference. - David Aldridge, the great one,

It's an even look at the team and the changes in culture and on-the-court success from one of the thought leaders in column writing today. Aldridge comments on the players, coach and makes the case to casual non-Hawks readers that this is a team worth paying attention to.