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2015 NBA Power Rankings: Warriors surge to top, Hawks still climbing

In this week's edition of the Peachtree Hoops Power Rankings we see a familiar face back at No. 1 while the Atlanta Hawks continue to climb.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

1.       Golden State Warriors: Back at the top, although I really considered putting the Hawks at this spot because the Warriors did play all of their games at home against a lighter set of teams.  Still blowing out all of those teams is very respectable.

2.      Atlanta Hawks: To quote Nique fan, Hawks here on PTH are hipsters.  We were all fans of this team before it became cool.  But seriously, the Hawks are making fans because the sum of the parts are better than the individual pieces.  Shock the World! CaaAAAaaaWWWWW

3.      Portland Trail Blazers: No respect lost for dropping a game to the Hawks, the Trailblazers are still a tough team.  Now if they keep switching on defense thenthat could be a problem.

4.      Dallas Mavericks: Look who came back to Boston and starting playing defense and hitting jumpers.  Still very nice of the Boston crowd to applaud Rondo.

5. Toronto Raptors: So is Derozan coming back soon?

6.      Los Angeles Clippers: Solid week, although I would have been happy had they beat the Raptors.

7.      Houston Rockets: Is the Josh Smith effect real? Well they won a game when he came off the bench.

8.     Oklahoma City Thunder: Hey they are back at .500, there might be hope

9.      Chicago Bulls: As soon as I praise them last week, they drop a game to the Nets. You can't do that.

10.  San Antonio Spurs: Wait you mean Joseph is getting the start and they are still playing tough? Gotta love Pop.

11.   New Orleans Pelicans: So you are telling me Asik lost them a game by tapping the ball in his own basket? Wow

12.  Phoenix Suns: Playing the 76ers is a great cure to breaking a 2 game losing streak.

13.  Indiana Pacers: The Pacers probably won 11 more games than I would have originally thought at the beginning of the year.

14.  Milwaukee Bucks: Eno... by Zaza

15.  Memphis Grizzlies: I know fans can't wait until Zach Randolph returns

16.   Washington Wizards:  3 straight losses will drop you in my ranking, and in the conference rankings.

17.   Brooklyn Nets: I see they got a couple wins with Derron Williams coming of the bench. Let's see if this holds.

18.  Detroit Pistons: Look out, the Pistons just might make the playoffs.

19.  Cleveland Cavaliers: Dead serious, off the top of my head I cannot remember a time when Lebron has been out for this long.

20. Utah Jazz: Dang, moment of silence for losing Burks for the season.

21.  Los Angeles Lakers: Watching Kobe telling Lin to foul needs to be played on loop for the rest of the season.  I love this team at times.

22. Boston Celtics: Watching Jameer Nelson in a Celtics uniform is still strange to me.

23. Denver Nuggets: Destroy the Grizz but lose to the Lakers, sure.

24. Miami Heat: The Heat are a mess. I mean you would think this is a retirement home with Deng, Granger, and aging Wade on the team.

25. Charlotte Hornets: The Hornets seemed to be looking good when oddly Lance got hurt, now that Al Jefferson is gone for a month they look to have regressed back to when Lance was in the lineup.

26.  Orlando Magic: Look Magic, you are killing my hope for making the playoffs and knocking the Nets into the lottery.

27.  Sacramento Kings: So yeah about that Hot start early in the year....they are now under .500

28. Minnesota Timberwolves: The Wolves stink, but hey Shabazz is starting to come around and Wiggins is starting to look like the rookie of the year.

29. New York Knicks:  So I cant believe at one time people thought the Knicks would make the playoffs.

30. Philadelphia 76ers: Alright back at the bottom.  But to be honest, I would rather watch the 76ers than watch the Knicks 10 out of 10 times.

Let me know what you guys think of my rankings.  Should a team be moved up or dropped? Let me know