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5 NBA Stats on the Atlanta Hawks' balanced offensive attack

The Stat Geek Five highlights Atlanta's ridiculously balanced attack this week. Here are five stats on how the Hawks' fundamentals keep winning games and a chance to hammer home the point to your friends that the Hawks deserve four All-Stars.

Kyle Korver's elite shooting could be one for the record books.
Kyle Korver's elite shooting could be one for the record books.
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta's win streak is up to 17 games, Coach Bud is the Emperor of the Eastern All-Stars, Dennis and Kyle get to play in the All-Star Weekend festivities. What more could we want? Stats, of course! Here are the Stat Geek Five, picking up where we left off last week:

1. In the last 13 games, the Hawks have out-assisted their opponents.

We touched on Atlanta's ability to share the ball last week, so here we go again: the recent slate of games has really taken things to a new level. Everyone knows about the franchise-leading win streak, but this is the first time in franchise history to accomplish this streak too! It's only happened once in 2015. Kindergarten was good to these guys, because they can definitely share!

The previous record for the Hawks was 10 games straight back in 1986. As a side note, the record for all time is 36 games by the Utah Jazz in 1997, and the best streak so far this year in the NBA is 19 games by the Washington Wizards.

2. The Minnesota game on Sunday was the 13th time this season that the Hawks had 10 or less turnovers.

The Hawks understand the basics: play defense, share the ball, and don't cough it up. That last point was on display as Atlanta had only 10 turnovers. Combine that with their sharing and you have a 1.96:1 assist-to-turnover ratio, which is good enough to be second in the league in that stat. Charlotte and Toronto lead the league with 20 games with 10 or less turnovers. Houston has only had one!

3. The Hawks win against the Thunder was the 17th time in Hawks history that they shot 100 percent from the free throw line.

In that win, the Hawks were 13 of 13 from the charity stripe. Not only did that help the Hawks ice a very good win against a very good team, it made a little note in the history books. This is only the 17th perfect free throw shooting performance in Hawks history while shooting at least 10 free throws. Atlanta is 8th in the league in free throw percentage, and less than two percent behind NBA-leading Portland.

4. Kyle Korver's .738 True Shooting Percentage would be the best all-time.

We all know Threezus is having an amazing year from the field, but just how good? Historically good. If this season holds, four people in history will have had a true shooting percentage above .700 while playing at least 1000 minutes: Artis Gilmore in 1981-82, Tyson Chandler in 2011-12, and Chandler, Korver, and Brandan Wright this year. None of them have been as good as Kyle has this year. Not an All-Star? What games are you guys watching? Which brings me to...

5. The Hawks have four players in the top 20 in Win Shares.

Millsap, Teague, Horford, and Korver are all in the top 20, ahead of the likes of John Wall and LaMarcus Aldridge. Out of the top 20 players, every single one is an All-Star except Damian Lillard, Tyson Chandler, DeAndre Jordan (both of whom are victims of a stacked West frontcourt),  and for some reason Kyle Korver (still time to rectify that, Adam Silver).  It just goes to show that all the pundits out there are right -- the Hawks don't have a superstar. They have four.

Korver watch: .518 FG% / .534 3FG% / .923 FT%

If you hear or come up with your own cool stat about the Hawks, tweet to @peachtreehoops or directly at me at @themarkphelps or leave a comment.   Use the hashtag #StatGeek on Twitter so we can all share in love of stats!
I used's search engine for some of these stats.  It's a useful tool.