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2015 NBA Draft Prospect Rankings (Beta Edition)

As the NBA enters into February, the Atlanta Hawks continue to storm through the league. As the Brooklyn Nets continue to falter, Atlanta looks poised to have a lottery selection in the upcoming draft.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Hawks have a better than 90% chance of ending up with a selection in the 7-12 range of the 2015 NBA Draft. In a draft where the talent drops off quickly near the end of the lottery, Atlanta's swap with the Brooklyn Nets due to the Joe Johnson trade has particular value in this draft. It is difficult to assess what position Atlanta needs beyond a clear lack of need at the point guard position. The Hawks likely will be able to choose the best player available regardless of position.

The updated rankings reflect a growing need at shooting guard across the NBA--particularly for guards who can shoot from the three-point line, defend their position, and handle the basketball. The supply of such players is thin at the professional level, yet most contending teams have players with these skills. In addition to this shortcoming, the 2015 and 2016 draft classes are deficient at the position. As a result, Michigan's Caris LaVert has not fallen very far in the rankings despite his recent foot injury while D'Angelo Russell, Jerian Grant, and Devin Booker have continue to rise in recent weeks. Additionally, Oklahoma's Buddy Hield has shot himself into the first round through early success in Big 12 play. Here is a second look at the top 30 NBA prospects as the league enters into February:

Rank (Previous), Name, Class, Position, School (Weight, Age)
1(1) Jahlil Okafor, Freshman, C,  Duke (6'11, 272)
2(2) Karl Towns, Freshman, PF/C, Kentucky (7'0, 248)
3(4)  Stanley Johnson, Freshman, SF, Arizona (6'8, 243)
4(8) D'Angelo Russell, Freshman, SG/pg, Ohio State (6'4, 175)
5(5) Emmanuel Mudiay, 19, PG, China (6'5, 200)
6(3) Justise Winslow, Freshman, SF, Duke (6'6, 221)
7(6) Kristaps Porzingis, 19, PF, Latvia (7'0, 220)
8(12)  Myles Turner, Freshman, PF/C, Texas (6'11, 242)
9(9)  Willie Cauley-Stein, C, Kentucky (7'0, 244) [PROFILE]
10(29)  Jerian Grant, Senior, SG/pg, Notre Dame (6'5, 204)
11(7)  Caris LeVert, Junior, SG, Michigan (6'7, 200) [PROFILE]
12(13) Kelly Oubre, Freshman, SF/sg, Kansas (6'6, 204)
13(10)  Frank Kaminsky, Senior, PF/c, Wisconsin (7'0, 242) [PROFILE]
14(15)  Cliff Alexander, Freshman, C/pf, Kansas (6'9, 254)
15(17)  Justin Anderson, Junior, SF, Virginia (6'6, 222)
16(19)  Devin Booker, Freshman, SG, Kentucky (6'6, 186)
17(11)  Bobby Portis, Sophomore, PF, Arkansas (6'10, 235)
18(14)  Tyus Jones, Freshman, PG, Duke (6'1, 191)
19(16)  Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Sophomore, SF, Arizona (6'6, 212)
20(18)  Kevon Looney, Freshman, PF, UCLA (6'9, 220)
21(20) Mario Hezonja, 20, SG/SF, Croatia (6'8, 200)
22(30)  Josh Richardson, Senior, SG, Tennessee (6'6, 200)
23(21)  Sam Dekker, Junior, SF, Wisconsin (6'9, 229)
24(22)  Montrezl Harrell, Senior, PF, Louisville (6'8, 230)
25(23)  Tyrone Wallace, Junior, SG/pg, California (6'5, 200)
26(NR) Buddy Hield, Junior, SG, Oklahoma (6'4, 214)
27(28)  Delon Wright, Senior, PG, Utah (6'5, 179)
28(24)  R.J. Hunter, Junior, SG/pg, Georgia State (6'5, 180)
29(25)  Jordan Mickey, Sophomore, PF, LSU (6'8, 234)
30(27)  Alan Williams, Senior, PF, UC-Santa Barbara (6'8, 264)
Dropped Out:
(26) Kennedy Meeks, Sophomore, PF, North Carolina (6'9, 279)