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NBA Power Rankings: Warriors, Hawks pacing the field

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The Golden State Warriors and the Atlanta Hawks continue to pace the field in this week's edition of the Peachtree Hoops' NBA Power Rankings.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

1.       Golden State Warriors: Warriors get the top spot because of strength of schedule and because they have just destroyed every team they have played this week.

2.      Atlanta Hawks: The Hawks have a 7 game lead as of Sunday morning.  Yeah I totally saw that coming when I made my pre-season predictions. But man this Hawks team is something that I will talk about for years to come.

3.      Los Angeles Clippers:  I can't wait to see what happens in the Rivers household when Austin either gets cut or sent to the end of the bench.

4.      Houston Rockets: Yeah Harden is looking like an MVP.

5.      Memphis Grizzlies: Is Mike Conley jr. still underrated since we call him that for the past 3 seasons?

6.      San Antonio Spurs: Kawhi back? Yay!

7.      Dallas Mavericks: Losing to the Pelicans had to hurt.

8.     Cleveland Cavaliers: Lebron is starting to look like Lebron. I feel J.R. Smith had something to do with this.

9.      Oklahoma City Thunder: So this team suddenly is healthy. Can they make the playoffs?

10.  Phoenix Suns: It will be interesting to see if teams will talk to keep the Thunder out of the playoffs and the Suns at the #8.

11.   Portland Trail Blazers: Lamarcus playing through the pain as if it's contract year or something.

12.  Toronto Raptors:  So I see defense is now an issue, but congrats to Lowry for making the ASG squad.

13.  Washington Wizards: Note to self, do not give up a layup in the closing seconds of a tight game.

14.  New Orleans Pelicans: Beat the Raptors and Mavricks but lose to the Knicks. Sure

15.   Miami Heat: So anyone remember the great Hassan Whiteside debate a few years ago?

16.  Milwaukee Bucks: Yeesh the injuries just keep hitting this team.  Fear not, Zaza is still healthy.

17.   Utah Jazz: 2 game win streak is always a good thing.

18.  Detroit Pistons: I am at a crossroads here. I legitimately did not like Brandon Jennings the last couple of years, but yet I feel really bad for him.

19.  Chicago Bulls: Um so I am beginning to think that a fully healthy Bulls roster is more rare than finding a unicorn.

20. Boston Celtics: Somehow they beat the Trailblazers on the road. I have no idea but they did.

21.  Charlotte Hornets: Sooo close to the 8th seed. Just do whatever to knock the Nets out.

22. Denver Nuggets: Why do I even try with them, they will get a big win then drop a game to Boston

23. Indiana Pacers: Kyle dunked on you this week. Hopefully in the future he will do 360° tomahawk

24. Sacramento Kings: Kings have had a tough schedule, but the worst has got to be the three point loss to the Nets.

25.  New York Knicks:  This is not a drill, the Knicks have won3 straight games!!!! Melo is making a case for starting in an all-star game with this kind of historical winning streak

26. Brooklyn Nets: Back to back blowouts drop you in my ranking. #TankForAtlanta

27.  Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe got hurt from dunking? Welp

28. Orlando Magic: Wait they lost to the Knicks? To think I wanted them to make the playoffs.

29. Minnesota Timberwolves: Man I hate watching this team, but boy Wiggins is running away with the Rookie of the Year Award.

30. Philadelphia 76ers: Let this be a lesson to all the other tanking teams out there, you can't out-tank the 76ers.