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Kyle Korver: 'This is the most fun I've ever had playing basketball'

In a recent interview, Atlanta Hawks swingman Kyle Korver illustrated the level of fun that he is having during this recent streak of team success.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Korver is having the season of his life, and the NBA world has taken notice.

On Thursday afternoon, Korver was a guest on ESPN's "SVP and Russillo" show, and during the course of the interview, the sharp-shooter was asked about the Atlanta Hawks and the team's recent success, and he answered in this way.

"For me, personally, in my 12 years, this is the most fun I've ever had playing basketball. We play true team basketball. We play a team game on offense, we play a team game on defense. Everyone talks about us not necessarily having the superstars, but I feel like we have a bunch of really good players who have just bought in to playing together."

Team basketball has become "popular" in the aftermath of the San Antonio Spurs winning the 2014 title, but in the midst of a franchise record-tying winning streak, the Hawks have caught fire in a way that no one could have foreseen. Korver's answer sheds a bit of light on the team dynamic, and with all of the screenshots and GIFs of the bench celebrations combined with a beautiful and, more importantly, unselfish brand of basketball, it should not come as a surprise.

At age 33, Kyle Korver is enjoying a career renaissance. Many are quick to credit Atlanta's system and what Mike Budenholzer has brought to the table in implementing this style of play, and that is spot-on. However, Korver should be congratulated for his individual improvement as well, as shooting splits of 51.8% from the field, 53.5% from three and 92.2% from the free throw line place him in a world by himself in terms of NBA history.

Korver may not be selected to the All-Star team, but he serves extended consideration. More than that, the Atlanta Hawks are incredibly fun to watch, and it certainly appears that this team is enjoying the game and the comradery associated with each other's presence.