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Rutherford Seydel denies Atlanta Hawks ownership report

The Atlanta Hawks are for sale, but there is now some dispute about the percentage available to be purchased.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The ownership situation for the Atlanta Hawks experienced its first "breakthrough" in some time on Friday, when a report emerged from the AJC that 100% of the organization would be available for purchase beginning next week. However, there has been a revelation that would appear to dispute the initial report.

Matt Pearl of 11Alive brings word that minority owner Rutherford Seydel has qualms with the breaking news:

Shortly following this initial statement, Pearl followed with two more.


And the big one:

Because it falls in direct contrast to the first exclamation, this is a bit jarring. The direct sourcing of this statement from Seydel himself throws a wrench in the AJC report, simply because anything short of full buy-in from the other members of the Atlanta Spirit Group would cause a significant hold-up in any 100% sale.

Details will surely emerge, although that process could be plodding, but for now, any fist-pumping done on the part of the fan base (or in this space) should be tempered with knowledge of disputes elsewhere.