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Atlanta Hawks offered Paul Millsap a longer term deal in 2013, says USATODAY

The soon-to-be unrestricted free agent bet on himself when signing with the Hawks and is about to cash in on his wager, big time.

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

From the terrific Jeff Zillgitt of USA TODAY comes something that has been discussed before in our spaces, but not with the clarity and affirmation Zillgitt shares on Twitter today:

This is sooooo interesting to me. Let's count the ways:

1. It means that the Hawks always saw Millsap as more than just a short-term rental.

At the time, the signing came from out of left field, and the short term nature of it indicated less than a total commitment on either side.  That the team actually offered Millsap a deal longer than the two-years he signed for correlates more directly with the dialogue from the Hawks side that Millsap is part of the core of the team.

2. No wonder the Hawks have never been rumored to move Millsap.

Another offshoot of the short term contract is, almost immediately, Bird Watchers have been wondering if the Hawks might trade Millsap due to the temporary nature of the deal. However, to this date, no serious rumors have ever come to light regarding Millsap, even as his contract is near the end.

3. Millsap gambled on himself, big.

Paul had never been a full time starter, yet felt confident enough in his own abilities that, given the opportunity he was going to have, that he would be able to get another long term deal when the two-year deal with the Hawks was up.

He's about to get paaaaaaaaaaaaaid, so good call, Mr. Millsap.

4. What did the Hawks offer the last time?

Was it the same terms as the 2-year deal? Was it Korver-esque? Our guess is it was the four year variety for the sameish terms, like a 4 year, 40 million dollar deal. What a gambit that would have been. Another up-twinkle for the Ferry/Wilcox administration.

5. How big a contract will the Hawks be willing to give?

Assuming it's Wes Wilcox at the helm this offseason, how much will Wes be willing to go on Millsap? He clearly will want at least four years and the Hawks will have the advantage. Will Wilcox be able to get a team friendly deal with Paul? Surely he can't get a Korver like miracle to happen, but what will he have to pay? Only our own hawksfanatic knows for sure.

6. Will Paul want to come back?

The Hawks have given him everything he ever could have wanted in an opportunity and he is in an offense that best uses his unique skill set. Why not?

7. Will my $20 be enough to make it all work?

Likely not. This is one question that has a firm answer. But it's there if needed, Wes, just let me know.

There are other angles to discuss, obviously, so fire them off in the Comments Area.