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2015 NBA Power Rankings Roundup: Atlanta Hawks Flying High

The Atlanta Hawks continue to soar in this week's NBA Power Rankings roundup.

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Well everyone this is it.  We are living the dream Hawks fans and my goodness it is amazing.  The Atlanta Hawks are scratch that, the Atlanta Hawks are so freaking good and I love it!  The city is starting to get behind the Hawks and they just keep winning despite every challenge thrown at them.  This is just surreal for me seeing that the Hawks could possibly have a successful run in the playoffs.  Well before I continue telling you guys what I dream about, let's get to the much anticipated rankings.

Drew Garrison of Sbnation,com starts things off for us and puts the Hawks at #2

The Hawks continue ransacking the NBA, as they're currently on the longest active winning streak in the league. Home, away, back-to-back, against the Pistons ... it hasn't mattered what the schedule threw the Hawks. They put another very impressive week in the books, ending it with a 30-point rout of the Washington Wizards.

Next John Schumann of keeps the Hawks at the #1 spot after a very impressive week.

The Hawks probably could have lost a game last week and still kept the No. 1 spot. Wednesday's home game against Memphis, which took place less than 48 hours after they played in L.A., screamed "schedule loss." But there's just no stopping them right now, though this week's back-to-back in Toronto and Chicago will be another interesting challenge.

Marc Stein of also put the Hawks at #1 and takes note of the defense.

The Hawks are up to 22-2 since their 7-6 start and have climbed from 26th overall in defensive efficiency to No. 5. Hollinger's strength of schedule table says Atlanta has had an easier ride than all but four teams ... but a league-leading 13 wins over .500-or-better teams tells a different tale. has the Hawks at #3 and mentions that the possible new owner will be getting a good team.

Whoever buys the Hawks might land a No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference in the first few months.

Matt Moore of makes the greatest statement ever after putting the Hawks at #2.


Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports puts the Hawks at #2 as well.

Atlanta converted non-believers by winning at Portland and at the Clippers, beating Memphis and routing Washington in recent days.

Matt Dollinger of keeps the Hawks at #2 and makes note of the impressive record.

The Hawks may have playedtheir best game yetSunday, which is a pretty impressive feat for a team that’s won 20 of 22 and eight straight. Atlanta has beaten seven of the top 11 teams during its current run.

Finally, Kurt Helin of puts the Hawks at #1 and wonders why people don't consider this team a contender.

They have won eight in a row and last week that included wins over the Clippers, Grizzlies and Wizards. In their last five games they have outscored their opponents by 14.2 points per 100. On the season they are fifth in the league in defense, sixth in offense. Tell me again why can’t this team come out of the East?

That does it for the rankings and it seems the Hawks are getting positive remarks from all across the nation.  This upcoming week should be tough due to the team playing 4 games in 5 nights.  The back to back against the Bulls and the Raptors will present this team with a new test.  Anyway if the Hawks are successful this week then we should see the Hawks at the top of power rankings from across the nation.    As always let me know what you guys think in the comments.