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2015 NBA Power Rankings: A New #1 and a Team That This City Deserves

The Atlanta Hawks climb to the top of the mountain as they take over the top spot in the Peachtree Hoops NBA Power Rankings.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

1.       Atlanta Hawks: *Drops the Mic*


2.      Golden State Warriors: They get the #2 this week purely from schedule strength for the week. Still though a very dangerous team.

3.      Portland Trail Blazers: So Wesley Matthews is just going to make everything he throws up isn't he?

4.      Houston Rockets: I am glad to see that they have decided to bring Josh off the bench and not playing him in crunch time.  I am saying this because it is going to be rough thinking you have to rely on Josh and Dwight to shoot free throws in a close game

5. Los Angeles Clippers: Clippers seriously need some bench help, but outside of the loss to the Heat they are looking good.

6.      Detroit Pistons: I am going to take the time to remind everyone that reads my rankings is that this is a WEEKLY power ranking. Like it or not, the Pistons have taken down a few of the best teams in the West and played the best team in the east to a final possession. The Pistons probably won't be here next week, but hopefully they can keep up the level of play and bump the Nets in the rankings.

7.      Dallas Mavericks: Starting unit is very very good, unfortunately an injury to an important player will devastate them due to having a weak bench.

8.     Phoenix Suns: Um. So yeah the Suns have turned it around with a couple of nice wins.

9.      San Antonio Spurs: Slowly but surely they are starting to look like the Spurs.

10.  Washington Wizards:  Congrats on blowing out the Bulls and I am sorry about the blowout against Atlanta.

11.   Chicago Bulls: It took 46 points from Gasol to get them to break a 2 game losing streak.  As of now, this team seems better on paper than in theory.

12.  New Orleans Pelicans: So for some reason I still have the play where Asik sent the game to overtime stuck in my head. What terrible luck.

13.  Memphis Grizzlies: It will be interesting to see if they indeed manage to get Green from Boston.

14.  Oklahoma City Thunder: The story of Dion Waiters trying to get a new jersey number made me laugh for a solid 5 minutes. I mean seriously, it's not as if the #23 was made famous by anyone already.

15.   Milwaukee Bucks: Somewhere Gasol just made another shot against them

16.  Toronto Raptors:  Um so when did defense become a problem for them?

17.   Utah Jazz: Gobert is going to be something, I mean this man blocks anything his path.

18.  Denver Nuggets: It is 2015 and I still don't get this team

19.  Charlotte Hornets: I can't wait for the debate if Lance and Big Al are better on the bench.

20. Cleveland Cavaliers: It may just be me but it seems like a bad idea to put JR Smith with Kyrie.

21.  Los Angeles Lakers: I'm Starting to think the Lakers aren't as bad as we like to think, unfortunately they also are not that good

22. Indiana Pacers: 23 in the Power Rankings, and yet there is the small possibility they make the playoffs

23. Boston Celtics: The Celtics learned that that they could make the playoffs, so then they decided they really needed to tank.

24. Sacramento Kings: Somehow they destroyed OKC.

25.  Miami Heat: It is sad to see Danny Granger age the way he did.

26. Philadelphia 76ers: So, I am going to go ahead and say that Philly is bad at tanking.

27.  Brooklyn Nets: Deron being out is bad for the Nets, but good for all the potential playoff teams looking in.

28. Orlando Magic: I keep wanting these guys to make the playoffs, and yet they just keep throwing games away.

29. Minnesota Timberwolves: Dare I say that Wiggins is starting to look like the Wiggins that we imagined

30. New York Knicks:  So Melo, about that business decision you made...... Good thing is if you get shut down for the season, you will have time to run whatever business you run.