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Steve Koonin: "Danny Ferry is the GM of the Hawks today"

Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin gave a radio interview on Tuesday, and provided some context for the reason that Danny Ferry remains the GM.


The Bruce Levenson-Danny Ferry saga has continued to provide twists and turns throughout the past couple of days, and on Tuesday morning, Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin took the airwaves to provide an update on the status of the organization. In an interview with 92.9 the Game, Koonin stated that, for the moment, Danny Ferry will remain the General Manager.

While understanding the situation and the public outcry for Ferry to be let go from his position, Koonin addressed the reasoning for keeping the GM at this time:

In addition to making statements on Ferry's status, Koonin did provide some reassuring testimony on the prospects of keeping the Hawks in Atlanta:

The full audio has been posted by 92.9 the Game, but for a Twitter-based viewing of the quotes, radio host Mike Conti kept record on his Twitter feed, and there were plenty of additional tidbits from Koonin's interview.

Stay tuned to Peachtree Hoops for all the latest, but for now, Danny Ferry remains employed with no apparent plans to change that stance.