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Report: Atlanta Hawks have 'no plans to further discipline' Danny Ferry

A report has surfaced from David Aldridge that the Hawks have no plans to issue discipline for GM Danny Ferry.

Kevin C. Cox

In the wee hours of the night, it appeared for all the world that Atlanta Hawks GM Danny Ferry would be dealing with a firestorm that could likely cost him his job. However, Ferry issued a statement on his own behalf early Monday morning, and now, long-time NBA insider David Aldridge is reporting that he could survive this latest controversy without the loss of his position.

While citing a source involved in the process, Aldridge indicates that the Hawks "have no plans to further discipline" Danny Ferry, and that is somewhat surprising. The tenor of Michael Gearon's letter painted an incredibly negative and insensitive picture of Ferry, and while there are always two sides to the story, it would fly in the face of most public reaction if Atlanta chose to avoid further punishment, up to and potentially including removing Ferry of his duties.

Obviously, nothing is definitive at this point (as is the case throughout the entirety of the scandal), but there appears to be a small window by which Danny Ferry could keep his job and avoid further discipline.