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Report: Michael Gearon Jr. called for resignation of Danny Ferry in June

According to a report from Zach Klein of WSB-TV, Hawks owner Michael Gearon Jr. called for the resignation of GM Danny Ferry in June.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, the Atlanta Hawks organization was rocked by the news that managing partner Bruce Levenson would be forced to sell his interest in the team amid a racial scandal. Shortly after that revelation, Hawks GM Danny Ferry was implicated by word that an internal investigation was launched after he reportedly read inappropriate remarks aloud about potential free agent target Luol Deng. However, the story has reportedly taken yet another turn late on Monday evening, as Zach Klein of WSB-TV reports that Hawks owner Michael Gearon Jr. called for the resignation of Ferry in mid-June.

Here is an excerpt from Klein's report, where he includes a 2-page letter sent from Gearon to Levenson on June 12:

In the letter, Gearon is quoted as saying "We are calling on you, as majority owner and NBA governor, to take swift and severe action against general manager Danny Ferry. Our advisors tell us there is no other choice to ask for Ferry's resignation and if he refuses, to terminate him for cause under his employment contract."

At this time, full details of Ferry's involvement appear to be murky with regard to his statement, but this is certainly another bombshell that sheds negative light on the situation. Gearon Jr. is the largest shareholder within the organization aside from Levenson, and his calling for the termination of Ferry (if he did not choose to resign) could be damning.

In addition the sample above, the entire letter can be seen here. From an outsider's perspective, it appears that Gearon is allowing nothing in the way of "credit" for Ferry having simply read the comments of another individual, and if there is any indication that Ferry's words were his own, the entire story shifts in a different direction.

Fallout could be swift in the wake of this latest revelation, so stay tuned to Peachtree Hoops for every twist and turn as it happens. At this juncture, however, it is safe to assume that a great deal of positive momentum earned by the organization in the recent past is set to evaporate before our very eyes.