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Danny Ferry to be disciplined in Bruce Levenson probe

Atlanta Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry will be disciplined internally for a matter that led to the investigation that discovered Bruce Levenson's email.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin talked to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Sunday and added a few more details to the Bruce Levenson saga. According to Koonin, Hawks' President and General Manager Danny Ferry will also be disciplined.

According to the interview, the Hawks held a meeting in early June to discuss free agency. At that meeting Ferry was discussing a player and reading aloud from a background report that included "an offensive and racist remark." According to Koonin, several members of ownership expressed concern over the use of the remark which led to an internal investigation. That investigation discovered the email sent by Bruce Levenson.

Koonin also said that Ferry's discipline would be kept in house and private. Ferry was quoted in the article as saying that he supported the decision.

‘I support Steve's leadership and greatly appreciate his support," Ferry told AJC. "I look to learn from this situation and help us become a better organization."

So Ferry will be disciplined internally for reading aloud a remark that was contained in a scouting report. This situation continues to develop as more and more details are discovered.