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Steve Koonin's statement in regards to Bruce Levenson

Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin has issued a statement in regards to the Bruce Levenson email.

Kevin Winter - Getty Images

Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin issued a statement in regards to the Bruce Levenson email.

To the City of Atlanta and Hawks Fans,

Today's statement from Controlling Owner Bruce Levenson is extremely disappointing and the email that he sent over two years ago was alarming, offensive and most of all, completely unacceptable and does not reflect the principles and values of the Hawks organization. In partnership with the NBA, we will work to ensure that a new ownership team will be put in place that is united and committed to the Atlanta community.

Steve Koonin

CEO, Atlanta Hawks

Levenson will sell his stake in the Hawks after it was revealed that he sent an email containing racist remarks to Danny Ferry back in 2012. Levenson held a majority stake in the Atlanta Spirit Group which owns the Hawks and Philips Arena. Koonin's statement seems to suggest that the entire group could be bought out although no potential buyers have been mentioned as of yet.