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Bruce Levenson self reported email and participated in investigation

Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson self reported a racist email that he sent back in 2012 to the NBA and participated willingly in the ensuing investigation.

Kevin C. Cox

Bruce Levenson will sell his controlling stake in the group that owns the Atlanta Hawks due to a 2012 email that he sent that reportedly contained insensitive and racist remarks.

A statement released by Levenson indicates that he self reported the email to the NBA and participated in the investigation.

I have said repeatedly that the NBA should have zero tolerance for racism, and I strongly believe that to be true. That is why I voluntarily reported my inappropriate e-mail to the NBA.

Levenson had been vocal during the NBA's investigation into racist remarks made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling which ultimately led to his ouster.

Levenson further indicated in the statement that Hawks CEO Steve Koonin would oversee all team operations as they proceed through the sale process. Levenson is one of a group of owners that makes up the Atlanta Spirit Group. At this point there are no reports of any potential buyers.