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Atlanta Hawks social media must follows

You need to make Twitter and Instagram accounts ASAP to enhance following the Hawks this season.

Mike Zarrilli

Hawks fans are lucky in that, even when the team isn't necessarily dominating the East, our guys are always entertaining on social media. Some players like Kyle Korver and Paul Millsap don't post super often, but the those that are active are worth an addition to your social media life. Be sure to follow them to keep the 2014-15 season amusing.

Mike Scott on Instagram

If you don't have an Instagram account, get one and follow Mike immediately. I think we all know about his amazing emoji tattoos and general silliness, but he takes it to another level on Instagram. He has #SockSaturdays, funny memes, videos with his friends, and a whole lot more. A limited, but telling, selection:

Mike Muscala on Twitter/Instagram

On the surface, Mike Muscala has your average NBA player set of social media. But Muscala is very interactive on his twitter, answering almost any fan query. I'm pretty sure we once had a conversation about Britney Spears. His Instagram was pretty phenomenal when he was over in Spain trying new foods and experiences, but it's still very solid now that he's in America.

Adreian Payne on Twitter/Instagram

Hawks Rookie Adreian Payne is super active on his social media, posting a good mix of hype for the season and fun things. Via Instagram, we learned he went to the BET awards with Dennis Schröder. His personality just shines through.

Atlanta Hawks on Twitter

Odds are if you're a Hawks fan on twitter, you follow their main account. But it'd just be rude and unfair to not highlight the best of the best of that timeline, given that it's run by my favorite person in the Hawks organization.

Whether it's letting Deadspin's Drew Magary take over the account and talk about Death Hawks or just capitalizing on the biggest meme of the moment, it's by far the best account in the NBA.