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Atlanta Hawks 2014-2015 season preview: I want Danny Ferry back

It's a mistake.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

I'm exhausted from the happenings of the offseason. It's hasn't been what I'd call a rousing success. It's certainly not what what I'd hoped the Hawks would build on coming off a challenging but otherwise affirming season of basketball and front office moves.

To discuss and preview the Front Office begins with "What to Do About Danny Ferry?" I've said many times that his actions make it hard for him to continue in his role as Hawks GM, given the temperature of the city towards the team and how players must buy into what Ferry is selling in Atlanta.

The leave of absence was a strong move to take some emotion out of the decision (the teams, the fans, Danny himself) of how to move forward. Now that some of that has happened, I know how I feel. The title of the article may have given it away.

I love what the Hawks started here with Ferry, then Budenholzer and the players they have brought in. No, Atlanta is still a stinker of a free agent destination, but with an energetic owner with deeper pockets (my wishful thinking here) that can change quickly no matter the GM, especially if what's working basketball wise continues to work.

This past week we've seen former players and current players like Magic Johnson and Tim Duncan join others that have previously gotten behind Ferry, indicating that the league may not hold this complete lapse of good judgement against Ferry beyond this incident.

I am hopeful that Ferry can continue and that the work the franchise has done can continue so that the last two seasons haven't been in vain and that we can see how far this philosophy and roster can take the team. I am also hopeful that Ferry doesn't allow such garbage to pose as scouting moving forward even as the smallest part of a report.

Danny Ferry has been called a racist, arrogant, a good man, good friend, etc by a large pool of people this summer, but what I am hoping he's called is Atlanta Hawks General Manager this season.

He's done a good job in the role, as good as the Hawks have had in quite some time. He's put a culture in place, scouting reports and conference calls aside, that has created a workmanlike vibe to the roster and team. The Hawks look and feel like a tough out no matter who they are playing against and there is little to doubt the team will be that against this season.

Despite the Hawks not being an elite free agent destination, Ferry was still able to bring in quality players at positions of need with Thabo Sefolosha and Kent Bazemore. Elton Brand, in the midst of all the drama, agreed to come back as a needed big man after a surprising season last year for the Hawks.

Ferry's draft pick, Adreian Payne, is primed to make an impact on the rotation as a rookie and might be a surprising ALL-NBA Rookie Team player by the time the season is complete.

There is a lot to look forward to next season and Danny Ferry is a huge reason why. I want to know that Ferry has learned from the error he made and is taking steps to ensure it doesn't happen again. I want the Hawks to pursue ownership that is cool with what's happening with the franchise, especially if the Hawks do indeed take another step forward in 2014-15.

I want Danny Ferry as the Hawks GM. I hope the team, and the city, does too.