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NBA 2K15: Atlanta Hawks Player Ratings, Paul Millsap, Al Horford and more

2K Sports is currently releasing the overall ratings for players included in NBA 2K15. We do the dirty work and round up all of the rankings released so far for the Atlanta Hawks.

Get off my lawn!
Get off my lawn!
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

2K Sports continues to release the overall rankings of players for the upcoming release of NBA 2K15 on October 7. Players numbers 424-31 have been released and if you missed our earlier round up please check out Part 1.

Here are the NBA 2K15 overall ratings for five more key Atlanta Hawks players:

85 - Paul Millsap
83 - Al Horford
78 - Kyle Korver
78 - Jeff Teague
75 - DeMarre Carroll

Happy to see Paul Millsap get rewarded for his strong play last season and I really hope they have reworked his shot mechanics which were a bit clunky in last year's version. Al Horford sees a bit of a dip coming off of injury but Kyle Korver and DeMarre Carroll look good.

Jeff Teague was given a 78 and that is a good rating but it makes me raise an eyebrow when I see Darren Collison and Brandon Knight with a 79 rating while Brandon Jennings is given an 80. I think Teague is deserving of a just a bit more respect.

In case you are wondering, former Hawks Joe Johnson earned an 82 overall rating while Josh Smith checks in with an 80.

What do you think about these ratings? Lets here it in the comments section.