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Adam Silver says Danny Ferry was wise to remove himself

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said it was wise of Hawks GM Danny Ferry to remove himself from the controversy that surrounds the Hawks.

Scott Cunningham - Getty Images

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver met with the media on Monday and discussed the league revising their own policies on domestic violence in wake of the controversy that has surrounded the NBA. During that talk, Silver touched on the situation surrounding the Atlanta Hawks and General Manager Danny Ferry. Silver told the media that it wasn't his desire to start looking for "skeleton's in owner's closets."

Silver added that he thought it was a wise move by Ferry to remove himself from the situation. Ferry is currently away from the team on an indefinite leave of absence.

Silver is on record as saying that he didn't think Ferry's comments were a fireable offense. While this latest statement is a little confusing without further context it isn't clear whether or not the Commissioner is changing his stance. Most likely Silver meant that it was good of Ferry to leave the team due to the circus that his presence was causing.

Whatever the reason, Ferry's absence and possible return will continue to hang over the franchise as they try to move forward and prepare for the 2015 season. Hawks CEO Steve Koonin has been in Ferry's corner from the beginning and his fate probably won't be decided until a buyer for Bruce Levenson's majority stake is found.