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Atlanta Hawks earn 'C' grade for offseason from is handing out grades for how NBA teams handled the offseason. Where will the Atlanta Hawks rank?

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Hawks failed to make a huge splash in free agency this offseason and that is reflected in the offseason grade delivered to them by The Hawks earned a "C" after mostly fine tuning their existing roster over the summer.

Here is what's Lang Whitaker had to say about the team:

Perhaps the most exciting move the Hawks have made since last season's trade deadline was the reintroduction of their classic "Pac-Man" logo. While they were briefly linked to some "bigger" names in the summer's free agency, for a second summer in a row the Hawks ended up not splashing out cash for an All-Star level piece. It seems clear that the Hawks plan to take their time building a roster that can play the versatile, uptempo style that Budenholzer prefers. The Hawks don't want to spend for the sake of spending, which is a financially viable way to construct your team, as long as ownership and fans have the patience necessary to watch something grow organically.

Baby steps are fine, but can the Hawks ever be anything more than a mid-level Eastern Conference playoff team without adding a superstar? Their greatest strength last season was their ability to play as a team and mix and match parts as needed due to injuries or match-ups. Building around players like Horford, Millsap, Teague and Korver are excellent options, but that core alone probably isn't going to get you a title.

Atlanta earned a B- for their frontcourt and backcourt and C's for their bench and defense. There highest grade came in the coaching department where Mike Budenholzer and his staff earned a B+.

The Hawks were a poor defensive team in 2014 especially after Horford was lost to injury. Even with Horford, they faced challenges on the perimeter where DeMarre Carroll was truly the only capable option. One thing to watch this season is if the presence of Thabo Sefolosha and Kent Bazemore can improve that situation. Atlanta still isn't going to be one of the top defensive teams but substantial improvement is possible if the roster can for the most part remain healthy.

Exit Question: What kind of grade would you have given the Hawks for their offseason?