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Is the Pac Man logo headed for center court?

The Atlanta Hawks have dropped some subtle hints about a full blown logo change and we get further evidence that the Pac Man logo is headed for center court this season.

Lost in the madness of this week, we got another clue about a secondary logo that could be a step closer to becoming the Atlanta Hawks primary logo. Grantland's Zach Lowe ranked all 30 of the NBA's court designs for the upcoming season and there is a little something different awaiting for the Hawks.


Lowe ranked the court ninth out of the 30 teams and had this to say:

The Pac is back, baby! The Hawk clutching a basketball in its claws wasn't awful, but you just can't beat the Pac-Man-style logo the Hawks used in their glory days. This is like the friendly Milwaukee deer spinning a basketball - a logo so well-loved, it's unclear why the franchise ever went away from it.

There has been no official announcement but video game footage from NBA Live leaked online a couple of weeks ago and showed the logo at center court.

What say you? Ready for the Pac Man logo to become the primary logo? Would a change at center court also prompt a uniform change?