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More details emerge about Ferry's call with Hawks ownership

Adrian Wojnarowski has even worse details on the now-infamous phone call between Danny Ferry and the Hawks limited owners.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

As usual, Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski has shown up with more disappointing details on what Danny Ferry said about Luol Deng on his dooming conference call with Hawks owners. Woj obtained transcripts of the call and reports about how Michael Gearon Jr., known for his distain for Ferry, let Ferry go on about Deng with recorder going, highlighting some new details:

Once he started talking on the call about Deng, it wasn't long before Ferry marched himself directly into a foolish, ignorant riff of African stereotypes. On and on, Ferry started about how Deng "has got some African in him" and proceeded to make a comparison to Africans with phony facades selling counterfeit goods.

As soon as those words left Ferry's mouth on the call, Gearon responded in a dramatic way in the background of the tape recording, according to a partial transcript of the call obtained by Yahoo Sports.

"Oh my God, that comment sounds like Sterling on TMZ," Gearon said.

Gearon didn't stop Ferry. He let him keep talking. In the transcript, Ferry detailed the information he'd gathered on Deng. Ferry attributes those characterizations – and inappropriate phrasing – to outside sources.

On Deng, Ferry said: "… For example, he can come out and be an unnamed source for a story and two days later come out and say, 'That absolutely was not me. I can't believe someone said that.'

"But talking to reporters, you know they can [believe it]."

Ferry kept going on Deng: "… Good guy in Chicago. They will tell you he was good for their culture, but not a culture setter. He played hard and all those things, but he was very worried about his bobble-head being the last one given away that year, or there was not enough stuff of him in the [team] store … kind of a complex guy."

Woj's wording leads very little room for still believing that Ferry was simply reading all the comments he made. The article goes on to talk more about Gearon Jr's response to Levenson's email and a whole lot more. It's a must read and we'll be unpacking it more later on, but let me leave you with the most damning, saddening line:

In all the twisted wreckage of these Hawks, make no mistake: Gearon is no whistle-blowing hero for racial justice, just as Ferry is no victim for falling into the trap.