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Atlanta Hawks could fetch in excess of $700 million, per report

Sports Business professor Patrick Rishe projects that the Atlanta Hawks could could sell for more than $700 million.

Bruce Bennett

NBA Franchise values are on the rise thanks in large part to the new upcoming TV deal that is going to pump a lot of fresh money into the league. The Los Angeles Clippers recently sold for around $2 billion in wake of the Donald Sterling fiasco.

While the Atlanta Hawks won't fetch that type of number, Sports Business professor Patrick Rishe projects the number to climb over $700 million. Rishe points to Sacramento and Milwaukee as examples but cites that the price for the Hawks could be higher due to Philips Arena being newer and a better facility than the ones in those cities.

Milwaukee recently sold for a reported $550 million. Rishe also mentions the thought of relocation to another market like Las Vegas or Seattle. He says that really wouldn't be a possibility until after the lease expires in 2018 and only if the new owners can't turn around sagging attendance figures in Atlanta.

Like with the situation in Los Angeles, the Hawks franchise is going to be left with a huge black eye and most likely are facing years of recovery while current ownership is going to eventually walk away with a lot more money in their pockets.