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Nevin Spahija: 'I'll do everything to help the Hawks'

New Atlanta Hawks assistant coach Nevin Spahija talked with's David Pick on his role with the team and what he brings to the table.

Luca Sgamellotti - Getty Images's David Pick talked recently with new Atlanta Hawks assistant coach Nevin Spahija about his new role in the NBA. Judging from the comments, Spahija is excited for the opportunity.

Mike Budenholzer has known Spahija for some time and he had visited with the Spurs and stayed in touch with the coaching staff on more than one occasion. Quin Snyder's departure from the staff presented the perfect opportunity for Spahija to make the jump to the NBA ranks.

Of course it is hard to judge the value of an assistant coach since most of their contributions come behind closed doors. Atlanta though seemed to have a very hard working staff that was very thorough and focused on player development. Will be interesting to see what aspects Spahija brings to the unit this season.