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USA Basketball cuts include Atlanta's Kyle Korver

USA Basketball made its final roster cuts early Saturday morning and they included Atlanta Hawks' guard Kyle Korver.

David Dow - Getty Images

USA Basketball paired down its final roster early Saturday morning cutting four players including Atlanta's Kyle Korver. Others cut from the roster were Utah's Gordon Hayward, Portland's Damian Lillard and Dallas' Chandler Parsons.

The roster had been in flux since the stunning injury to Paul George and the subsequent withdrawal of Kevin Durant. Early on it looked like Korver would make the team as a specialist as a designated three-point shooter to deploy when opponents switched to a zone defense. However, after the departures, Team USA couldn't really afford to specialize and were left trying to recoup the offense lost without George and Durant.

One surprising move is that the team elected to keep all four centers that were initially on the roster. At one point this summer it looked like there was going to be only one big behind starter Anthony Davis and now there is three with the inclusion of DeMarcus Cousins, Andre Drummond and Mason Plumlee.

Here is a look at the final roster:

DeMarcus Cousins
Stephen Curry
Anthony Davis
DeMar DeRozan
Andre Drummond
Kenneth Faried
Rudy Gay
James Harden
Kyrie Irving
Mason Plumlee
Derrick Rose
Klay Thompson