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Peachtree Hoops Mailbag: Talking Lou Williams trade, John Jenkins and more

In this month's mailbag we talk about a variety of topics including how deep the Hawks' rotation might go and what's going on with Elton Brand.

Jack Arent - Getty Images

The dog days of the NBA summer can't slow down the Peachtree Hoops mailbag. Lets get right to it.

Of all the new additions to the roster, who do you think will have the biggest impact next year on the court?

The easy answer here is Thabo Sefolosha but I'm going with Kent Bazemore who looks like a rotation piece for the first time in his NBA career. I think the move to acquire Bazemore could pay off in the same way it did last season with DeMarre Carroll.

Does PTH think the roster is deep enough to have an 11-man rotation and do you guys think anyone will average over 33 minutes per game?

I don't think any team is going to deploy an 11-man rotation night in and night out. I think a group of nine is much more likely with that extending to 10 or 11 at different times of the schedule. Kyle Korver led the team in minutes played last season at 33.9 and I think Mike Budenholzer will most likely try to limit his regulars to about 34 minutes or less this season.

Regarding Bebe/Lou trade are we (more or less) in universal agreement that trading away a prospect for additional cap space was an unnecessary risk and poor decision. Especially since no top Free Agents paid us any attention...

No I don't think we "universally agree" about this because I don't think it was a bad decision at all. People want to center on Nogueira in that deal but they should be focused on the subtraction of Williams who really didn't fit into what the team wanted to do offensively. Teams weren't just going to lineup to take the final year of Williams contract and the Hawks were going to have to attach something to him in the deal to move him. Had they not made the move they wouldn't have had cap space to be even in the conversation with any free agents and would still have a logjam in the backcourt.

Nogueira may go on to have a fine NBA career but there are serious concerns. He missed the biggest part of the ACB season last year due to knee troubles and his situation with his Spanish club Estudiantes was tedious at best. I don't know who was at fault there but it was clear that he wanted to be in the NBA next season and that was something that the Hawks might not have been comfortable with.

Who do you guys think will have the bigger role: Mike Scott or Mike Muscala?

Mike Scott was arguably the team's biggest contributor off the bench last season. I like Muscala and he had a nice summer but he still has Al Horford and Pero Antic in front of him and they may add another big body to the mix before training camp. I don't see any way at this time that Muscala takes on a bigger role than Mike Scott.

Do you think John Jenkins will be traded this season?

Before John Jenkins is traded he is going to have to get back on the court and help restore some value. Right now I can't see another team giving up anything for him. Atlanta's backcourt is still crowded despite the departure of Lou Williams this summer so I am not sure how many minutes Jenkins will see even if he does return to health. I still like a healthy Jenkins and I'd like to see what he could do in this system but right now he is in a similar situation to Jared Cunningham last summer.

Any news on Elton Brand?

Very little that I have seen of late although he did reportedly talk to the Miami Heat but is unlikely to end up in South Florida. Atlanta is currently at 14 players and are still a bit thin at the center position. I think there is a good chance that Brand might be back but if not I wouldn't be surprised to see the Hawks add another big body to the mix.

That is it for this month. Thanks to everyone that submitted questions.