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NBA Power Ranking: Hawks Stuck in the Middle During the Long Summer

It's been a long summer but everyone can relax, I have returned with rankings.

Andy Lyons

Well it has been some time since my last entry but alas *Deep Breath* POWER RANKINGS ARE BACK! Oh man it has been so long since I could get the joy of reading what the nation thinks about out Hawks. So without making you guys wait any longer, here are the rankings.  Matt Moore of has the Hawks at #16 and notices that the Hawks coaching is headed in the right direction.

It's really a shame that players don't see what's going on in Atlanta. Mike Budenholzer has a forward-thinking system with a forward-thinking GM and they have talented, smart players. And yet free agents passed on Atlanta like it was, well, any time in their franchise history. Still, the Hawks get one of the biggest offseason additions just by virtue of Al Horford's return from injury and had another strong draft. This team looked like a No. 3 seed before Horford went down last year. There's a good chance they find themselves back in that range again next season.

Kurt Helin of keeps Atlanta in the mix and also lands the Hawks at #16 on his rankings.

Remember they were the third best team in the East last season before Al Horford tore his pectoral and he will be back this season. They didn’t land any big names this summer but bring back a solid team that will do fairly well in the East.

Finally, John Schuhmann of puts the Hawks at #19 and near the bottom of the division.

The Hawks were well set up -- with cap space and complementary pieces (and shooting, shooting, shooting!) -- to add a No. 1 option. But they didn't even get a nibble from the big names. They're still a playoff team that's getting its best player back, but, like the Bulls, they'll be relying on some young guards off the bench.

Well the sample size seems small, but it seems that wither the Hawks are right in the middle of the pack in the east or the bottom of the playoff race.  With so many questions coming into the upcoming season about not only the Hawks but other teams in the east, it makes predicting the standings difficult especially in the summer.  Personally I would not look too hard at these rankings seeing as it is still early and the general media tends to count this team out a good amount of the time before the season starts.  Anyway let me know what you guys think about the rankings below.