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Mike Scott considering Russia, reports Yahoo!

Pulling a Childress. What Emoji is that?

Joe Robbins

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Atlanta Hawks restricted free agent Mike Scott is considering a high dollar package in Russia instead of continuing with his NBA career.

Scott might be trying to stir up some interest in obtaining his services, in Atlanta or otherwise by this news. He just saw fellow restricted free agent Shelvin Mack comes to terms with the Hawks, but no news has emerged regarding Scott's negotiations.

This is what Josh Childress did in 2008 when, frustrated by a lack of deals from the Hawks or otherwise, he packed up and went international to Greece. One could argue his game wasn't the same once he eventually came back after the Hawks traded him to Phoenix.

The Hawks would maintain Scott's rights by providing a qualifying offer every offseason and Scott would not be an unrestricted free agent until he played out that offer or received another contract, just like this offseason.

More to come later on this development.