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2014 NBA Free Agent Rumors: Luol Deng and Atlanta Hawks re-engaged in talks, per Woj.

Hawks are back in for Deng discussions, says Yahoo! Sports. What does it mean?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Wojnarowski has breathed life back into Luol Deng to Atlanta rumors, with a tweet Saturday evening updating the chase for the small forward.

We wrote earlier about the Saturday morning tweet from Sam Amick of USAToday that stated that conversations with Atlanta had stopped due to money. We theorized that the Hawks had used the salary slot that they offered on Pau Gasol to Luol Deng previous to the Gasol offer.

With Chicago offering 3/30 to Deng last season and the figuring the Hawks offering the 11M per slot to Deng, we concluded that there had to be greener pastures that Deng was chasing.

So what changed?

What changed is that Miami reportedly was floating Deng a 2 year, 20M dollar deal. Per Sam Amick:

So now it's who can offer Deng the best combination of Money, Winning and Fit....and you have to feel this is the reason the Hawks are back in the mix.


This from Marc Stein, a new "candidate" for Deng:

Could be that PHX is a serious spot for Deng, but it could also be that suddenly, after a day of talking with Miami and coming up short of a deal, that Deng's representation has re-introduced the other teams with cap space, Atlanta and Phoenix, along with Dallas and Washington, to get Miami to come up a little with their offer.

We'll be updating this story, so keep checking back.