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NBA Free Agent and Atlanta Hawks talk on the radio with Peachtree Hoops

We talked it. We lived it. You listen to it. Please.

Stephen Dunn

Listen here: Hawks Free Agent Talk!

Friday afternoon I braved a 100+ degree fever and a season's worth of rumors to make it to The Bill Shanks Show on Fox Sports 1670.

Bill and I discussed a wide range of topics which included, in no particular order:

  • LeBron James and his choice to go back to Cleveland
  • Where that leaves Miami -- will they rebuild or try and hang on
  • What's next for Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh
  • What it all means for the Atlanta Hawks moving forward -- and what's next
  • That the Atlanta Hawks have good company in striking out on big named free agents, we name names
  • Talked about what former player from your favorite team left and you wished had some back (spoiler alert: nobody that follows me on Twitter should be surprised by my answer).
  • And much, much more....I think.
Hit the link and take a listen ( Hawks Free Agent Talk!) and then sound off in the Comments area. As always, we ask for grace and gentleness when responding to us down below.