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LeBron James decides on Cleveland; what does it mean for the Hawks

It's over. Now what?

Chris Covatta

LeBron James has decided to leave the Miami Heat and go home to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. James will be the ringleader of a team that will be centered around himself, Kyrie Irving and rumored attempts to land someone else like Kevin Love or, if that doesn't transpire, #1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins.

Miami loses James and, if reports are correct, Chris Bosh. Dwyane Wade is expected to return and perhaps the Heat could get involved with a last ditch effort to keep the Finals run going and play for Carmelo Anthony or entice Bosh to come back for the max.

Also unknown is what will happen with Heat verbal agreements with Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger. The veteran pair had agreed to go to Miami, but certainly had to be contingent on LeBron James.

So what does it all mean, potentially, for the Hawks?

1. If Miami decides it will now rebuild, that Bosh could go and nobody else of max value will step into his place, this would mean that free agents that once held Miami as a destination will go elsewhere, helping teams like the Hawks.

2. The Rockets can now go full on for Bosh without the LeBron factor to tether him to Miami and, if Houston lands Bosh, means one less possible destination for reported Hawks (and Rockets) target, forward Luol Deng.

3. The Hawks could be the frontrunner for the Southeast Division title, a spot which, for now, still carries an automatic top four seed in the playoffs. Yes, the Hornets and Wizards are definitely formidable and the Heat could entice some folks to play with Wade and make a run, but the stability and excellence of the Hawks core should place them on the theoretical top, especially if they can add Deng or Kent Bazemore or the like.

Remember, before Al Horford went down, this was a top three team in the East. Better than Washington. Better than Charlotte.

There is more to this and the stories will unfold, but the decision has been made, and things will begin moving forward so hold on to your hats and keep checking back in with Peachtree Hoops for more.

Exit Question: No question, really, just pour open your thoughts into the comments area!