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2014 NBA Draft: Five Guys on the Atlanta Hawks Radar

Sr. Director of NBA Scouting Operations, Ryan Blake, breaks it down on the Hawks website.

Jamie Squire

If you don't know who Ryan Blake is, you should stop and look up his dad, NBA legendary front office man and first league wide scouting director, the late Marty Blake.

There was no bigger figure in the development of the Hawks as a franchise than Blake, who served as the Hawks general manager, scouting director and countless other tasks I'm sure. Blake's tenure spanned from Milwaukee through St. Louis to Atlanta.

Ryan has taken over the family business by being the Sr. Director of NBA Scouting Operations, which essentially, according to the website, "marshals and compiles the complex data necessary for NBA teams to evaluate current and future NBA draft prospects, essentially advising teams who to see, how to see them, and who not to bother seeing."

In that capacity, Blake dropped a video of five guys the Atlanta Hawks should be considering with the #15 pick. Watch and then come back and comment on what you think of what Blake suggests.

As an aside, a big WOW for the website and Jaryd, Robby and the team providing amazing looking landing page for the Hawks draft, included in which is the RedRev Peachtree Hoops Mock Draft selection of Kyle Anderson for the team, the only national pundit to assign Anderson to the Hawks on that page. Our thanks to the Hawks for our inclusion.