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Report: Quin Snyder granted second interview with Utah Jazz

Per a published report, Hawks assistant coach Quin Snyder has been granted a follow-up interview with the Utah Jazz, joining both Adrian Griffin and Alvin Gentry.


Atlanta Hawks assistant coach Quin Snyder has been an intriguing, under the radar name on the coaching market this off-season, and he has already been linked to the search by the Utah Jazz. However, that pursuit has reportedly intensified, and Snyder is a member of a trio of candidates who have been granted a second interview by the team.

Tony Jones of the Salt Lake Tribune brings the report:

The Tribune has confirmed that Atlanta Hawks assistant Quin Snyder has interviewed once with Utah, and like Griffin, has been called back for a second interview.

In fairness, Snyder is the least recognizable candidate of the three, as current Clippers assistant Alvin Gentry has already been a head coach at multiple stops, and Bulls assistant Adrian Griffin has long been discussed as a future head coach in the league. Still, members of Atlanta's roster have been quoted in glowing terms about Snyder, and the former Missouri Tigers head coach does have experience as the man in charge.

A few more steps would likely be needed for anything to be imminent with a potential move to Utah for Quin Snyder, but it is encouraging to see members of the staff in high demand.