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2014 NBA Draft: Danny Ferry comments on Adreian Payne selection

Danny Ferry comments on the Atlanta Hawks selection of Michigan State power forward Adreian Payne.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

While many were focused on the wing, Danny Ferry and the Atlanta Hawks elected to go with Michigan State power forward Adreian Payne with the 15th pick of the first round.

"We want to play with pace and space, and Adreian is someone that can do both," said Ferry. "From being able to run the court and compete on both ends, along with being able to shoot the basketball, he fits the way we want to play. Along with that, Michigan State guys are guys that we like. They play with a high level of competitiveness. It's a program that we greatly respect and obviously he's been raised the right way by Tom Izzo and Michigan State."

"He's a stretch big. He'll be able to shoot and open the court up for our guards and everybody in general. That's something we value."

Shooting is a big skill set for Atlanta's offensive system and Payne will fit in nicely from that perspective. By all accounts he is a hard worker and one that could compete for playing time right away.

"He's a good young man," Ferry said. "We look forward to getting to know him even more. Coming from a program like Michigan State and being around Tom Izzo and the values that program has, and playing in a style that we think fits the style that we play. I think he's a good fit for what we like to do."

The Hawks will get their first look at Payne when he suits up for the team's summer league entry in Las Vegas next month.