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LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony Discussion with Fox Sports 1670 & The Bill Shanks Show

Jason Walker was a guest on The Bill Shanks Show and did a two part conversation around the news around LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and the potential impact on the Atlanta Hawks and the draft.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James. Carmelo Anthony. LeBron James. Carmelo Anthony. LeBron James.

Unlike last time LeBron James was a free agent, this time folks actually consider the Hawks a possible, although longshot, destination for the future hall of famer. The same goes for Carmelo Anthony. Or how about both?

The Hawks, like any team, might move heaven and earth to get him, and Bill Shanks was eager to hear about how any of this might impact the roster, the NBA Draft Thursday and everything else you can imagine.

So, he asked me. And then I answered. This continued for two segments of his show, which are reproduced below for awesomeness and listening enjoyment.

Here's Part 1:

LeBron and the Hawks, Part 1

And here's Part 2:

LeBron and the Hawks, Part 2

I do want to clarify that I indicate that we would have to gut the roster to get both LeBron and Carmelo Anthony, which is true. But I also indicate that all the top players currently rostered would have to go, which isn't necessarily the case, as HawksFantatic laid out yesterday. Atlanta could keep 18M on the payroll to bring in both players. Oh yes!

(one more clarifier):

Exit Questions: Daring to dream? Does it make the draft a little more interesting? Be gentle and let us know in the Comments Area.