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Peachtree Hoops Mailbag: Talking the NBA Draft

In this week's mailbag we tossed the NBA Draft questions to our own resident expert RedRev to get you set for Thursday night.

Mike Stobe

Another great response to our mailbag request and given the number of draft related questions we decided to pass them on to our own expert RedRev. We will be back later today with Part 2 of the mailbag.

What's the chances of us going after a Damien Inglis in the 2nd?

There is an excellent chance that Ferry would select Inglis at 43 if he is still available, but I suspect he will be selected in the 30s if not at the end of the first round. He is the type of talent that I could see us giving up a future 2nd along with the #43 to move up and get.

If the Hawks draft Saric at 15, do you trade back into the first round to get someone to put on the roster immediately, or do you just use that roster spot to bring Bebe over?

Really good question. It depends on who falls. Cleanthony Early, Jordan Adams, or P.J. Hairston would be guys worth moving up to get because they may be able to help on the wing right away. Spencer Dinwiddie and Glenn Robinson have not been discussed much, but either may be able to help sooner rather than later and could be available in the 30-35 range. There are multiple options when you have all of your future picks, additional picks, and more assets than roster spots. Moving up into back of first is certainly one that makes sense if a player likely to be stashed is selected at 15.

If Saric falls to us at 15 do you think the Hawks will draft another international player in the second and stash both overseas?

Ferry will take the best player that fits regardless of position in second. If a couple of players are graded equally, it makes sense to take a player more likely to be ready to compete for a roster spot if Saric is taken at 15.

If the Hawks target a small forward in the draft, which position do you see them looking to upgrade via free agency? Or if the Hawks draft another position player, which SF do they target in FA?

Atlanta should target a small forward in free agency no matter who they select in the draft. Adding a veteran presence with some championship pedigree would make sense to me. Paul Pierce, Shawn Marion, and Mike Miller are all guys who could bring experience and would be able to watch their minutes given Atlanta's depth.

Do you think the Hawks will draft for best fit to the system or to fill a missing skill set?

There are plenty of option that can do both, so not sure that view has to be narrowed. Most of the players in the top 20 of the Draft Board both fit the system and bring a skill that the Hawks need.

If the Hawks draft and wait on an International like Saric, do you see any college veterans who could help the rotation being available at 43?

Devyn Marble, Markel Brown, and Lamar Patterson are three guys I have liked all year who could potentially play either wing position off the bench. Marble is my favorite of the group. Brown is a superb athlete. Patterson has a textbook jumper and an underrated playmaker who is not great defensively. I would be thrilled to see any of the 3 selected at 43. Joe Harris from Virginia has impressed me the more I watch him. Solid defensive player who can shoot. Nick Johnson could be a steal at that spot.

Do you have any pet prospects projected to go undrafted that you would like to see get a Summer League invite? You know trying to play their way into a job. Any of those Mercer Bears worth a look?

Cameron Bairstow from New Mexico is my top sleeper. He is a very productive player at power forward who can shoot and rebound. Unlikely to be drafted, but could go late. He has traits similar to Mike Scott and Mike Muscala, so fits our second round profile. Love Langston Hall and everything that he did at Mercer, but if Atlanta should bring him in this summer it will be mostly to showcase him as they fill the roster. He is not an NBA player at this time. Bairstow's teammate Kendall Williams was a very productive college point guard who could find his way into the league. Fuquan Edwin and Akil Mitchell are players unlikely to be drafted worth remembering. Either could find their way to an NBA bench down the road. Dennis Schroeder's German teammate Niels Giffey will be worth watching when Germany plays this summer. Hawks could take a flier on him as he can shoot.