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2014 NBA Draft: Dario Saric in play for Hawks at No. 15

Dario Saric has agreed in principle on a three-year deal that will keep him in Europe for the next two seasons. His draft stock is likely to take a hit but the Atlanta Hawks are among the teams that are still reportedly interested.'s Chad Ford reports that Dario Saric has agreed to a three-year deal to play in Turkey and that the deal will keep him overseas for the next two seasons. That naturally will have an effect on his draft stock where he was slated to go in the late lottery. Ford reports that Saric is likely to slip outside the draft lottery and the Atlanta Hawks are among the teams that are interested.

NBA sources say that Saric's decision to stay in Europe will affect his draft stock. He was getting looks as high as the 76ers at 10, the Nuggets at 11 and the Magic at 12. However, because he's unlikely to come to the NBA for at least two years, those teams are now hesitating to draft him that high.

However, it's possible that Saric won't slide too far. Sources say the Hawks at 15, the Celtics at 17, the Suns at 18 and the Bulls at 19 are all looking at Saric and are more comfortable drafting him and keeping him in Europe for the next two seasons. The Celtics, Suns and Bulls all have multiple picks in this year's draft.

The Hawks have long been rumored as a potential destination for Saric but it was thought that he would be off the board by the time Atlanta picked at No. 15. Now it looks like that might not be the case.