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2014 NBA Draft: Dario Saric, Jusuf Nurkic keep names in draft

Dario Saric and Jusuf Nurkic were among the European prospects that kept their names in the draft after Monday's withdrawal deadline passed.

Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

Monday was the deadline for early entrant candidates to withdraw from the NBA Draft and a pair of big names elected to stay in. Both Dario Saric and Jusuf Nurkic remained in the draft as Monday's 5 p.m. deadline expired. Saric could be a Top 10 pick while Nurkic is projected as a potential late lottery selection.

ESPN's Chad Ford reported about 30 minutes prior to the deadline that Saric was in fact staying in the draft. Ford also indicated that Saric was getting looks as high as No. 7 to the Lakers and No. 10 with Philadelphia. He also doubted that he would slide past the Atlanta Hawks at No. 15.

Saric was rumored as a potential target for the Hawks last season before he pulled out of the draft at the deadline.

Several lower tiered prospects did remove their names from consideration. Kristaps Porzingis officially withdrew his name on Sunday. Reports first indicated that 6-11 center Nikola Jokic would withdraw his name but he apparently had a change of heart before the deadline.