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Fifteen reasons why you shouldn’t give up on the Hawks

With all the talk of how Hawks fans are disappointed with how the season ended, I will go through a couple reasons of why we should be happy for the future.

Best part of the playoffs
Best part of the playoffs
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

This season has had a good amount of ups and downs as well as our brief playoff run, but one thing is for certain. This is that we all saw this as a rebuilding year and not really as a season in which we were competing for a championship.

Yet, for some reason many people around the city are upset that the sub-.500 under talented Hawks team lost the series to the #1 seed and the best team in the East.   So I am dedicating this post to the good things that this season brought us and the good things in store for the Hawks' future.  If there is anything that I forgot, be sure to add that to the list.

  1. The Pac is Back!!! I can’t wait to see what the Hawks organization plans to do with the new alternate logo and how they will merchandise it. Heck there is a chance that we could see some sweet alternate unis in the future.
  2. Getting to a Game 7 gave some of our younger players some experience in the playoffs, which is something that we couldn’t have done had the Knicks taken the last playoff spot.
  3. I will credit Guantanamo Geronimo for this but making the playoffs has shown us who we should let go and keep on the roster.
  4. The return of an All-Star, Al Horford.
  5. The return of the non-All-Star but someone who will only grow and help our depleted shooting guard position, John Jenkins.
  6. We will essentially have two draft picks on the roster next year with our #15 pick in the upcoming draft and the hopeful return of Lucas Nogueira.
  7. The continued growth of Mike Scott, Mike Muscala, Dennis Schröder, and Jenkins.
  8. If we can somehow bottle up playoff Jeff Teague to play like this in the regular season, then we simply cannot get rid of him.
  9. The continued use for #Eventhehawks through the year.
  10. The growth of Coach Bud, I mean seriously I keep forgetting this guy is a rookie head coach.
  11. A front office in which I can trust to make the team and players better instead of crossing my fingers year after year and hoping we don’t sign the next Shelvin Williams.
  12. We got to see a year of players competing and there were very few times in which I saw this team give up while on the court.
  13. A good amount of cap space this summer, so there is a chance to make a splash in free agency if the front office wants to.
  14. Game 3, 4, and 6 proved that there are fans in the city and that we can make Phillips arena just as loud or louder as any other arena in the country
  15. Finally, the chance to see which undervalued players at the beginning of each season will outplay their contract through the course of the year.  Currently Paul Millsap, DeMarre Carroll, Mike Scott and Shelvin Mack are the 2013-2014 candidates.

So this is what I have so far, be sure to add more reasons of why we shouldn’t give up on the Hawks.