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2014 NBA Draft: Could the Hawks move up?'s Scott Howard-Cooper says that the Sacramento Kings are looking to move the No. 8 pick and lists Atlanta as a potential trade partner.

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft order is set following Tuesday night's lottery. The Atlanta Hawks currently have the No. 15 pick in the draft but what would it take for them to move up the board?'s Scott Howard-Cooper reports that the Kings made the No. 8 pick available soon after the lottery and that Atlanta's Dennis Schröder is a name that could come up. First here is what Howard-Cooper had to say:

It was immediately unclear if the Kings have a specific target. But Dennis Schroder, the German point guard firmly behind Jeff Teague on the Hawks depth chart, could come up. Had McLemore been gone at No. 7, Sacramento would have looked hard at Schroder or at trading back.

First a word or warning. Howard-Cooper appears to be talking about what ifs and not something that has actually happened. From an Atlanta standpoint it makes a lot of sense to use Schröder as bait in trade discussions. Jeff Teague took another step forward last season as the team's starting point guard and Shelvin Mack, who is  a restricted free agent, performed well as his backup.

From a Kings standpoint I'm not sure why you would trade out of the lottery for a player like Schröder that is essentially a rookie. If they could get Schröder and Atlanta's No. 15 pick then maybe it makes some sense especially if they valued Dennis as highly last season as Howard-Cooper suggests. At this point it is just speculation but something to think about as the Draft approaches.

One potential idea would be to use Schröder and the 43rd pick in an effort to trade back into the first round if there is a player that Atlanta likes at the tail end . There is a world of possibilities. Things will become somewhat clearer after teams begin hosting workouts but as always draft night figures to be full of surprises.