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Teague thanks fans for Game 6 turnout

Jeff says the team owes the fans a victory after the amazing atmosphere Thursday night.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta turned out in full force last night, boasting a sold out, standing-room-only crowd at Philips Arena. After Mike Scot's dunk in the third, hardly anybody sat down until the game was all but over.

And while the game didn't turn out in Atlanta's favor, the Hawks let everyone know just how much they were appreciated. Jeff Teague mentioned it during the postgame press conference:

Oh, they were amazing tonight. We needed that victory because that crowd was incredible. For them to come out and support like they did tonight, we owe them a victory because that crowd was amazing.

I can accurately say, without a doubt, that was the loudest crowd I've ever heard there. Or at any sporting event, really. My ears were ringing on my way home thanks to the tremendous turnout:

I tried to capture it on some Vines, but I don't think these fully tell the story of how racuous it was.

Even though they have to return to Indiana, surely knowing the support behind them can help the Hawks rise to the occasion on Saturday afternoon. After all, Jeff says he owes us one, right?