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NBA Playoff Race: Hawks hammer Cavaliers, Knicks fall to Wizards

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The Atlanta Hawks are back in eighth place in the Eastern Conference after Friday's win over the Cavaliers combined with New York's loss to Washington.

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Hawks grabbed a much needed 117-98 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday night and find themselves back in eighth place in the East standings after the New York Knicks dropped a tough decision to the Washington Wizards.

Bradley Beal's late jumper sealed a 90-89 win for the Wizards in a game that was tight throughout. The Hawks now have a one game lead over the Knicks and a full two game advantage in the loss column. Cleveland's loss on Friday drops them to three back of Atlanta and four in the loss column.

Here is a look at the current standings:

Team W L Pct GB
8. Atlanta Hawks 33 42 .440 19.5
9. New York Knicks 33 44 .429 20.5
10. Cleveland Cavaliers 31 46 .403 22.5

Atlanta is back in action on Sunday when they travel to Indiana to take on the suddenly struggling Pacers. New York travels to Miami on Sunday for a nationally televised afternoon matchup against the Miami Heat.