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The Hawks want fans to beat up on a Pacer

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Well... sort of.

Kevin C. Cox

Feeling the urge to beat up on a Pacer before Saturday's 2 p.m. tip at Philips Arena? Well, the Hawks are offering an opportunity to do just that. Kind of.

For a $5 contribution to the Atlanta Hawks Foundation, which helps better the lives of Georgia kids, you can beat up on a Pacer. This 1978 Pacer, in fact:

Starting at noon tomorrow, the car will be set up outside the Philips Arena box office for Hawks fans to take a swing at it. It should be a great time, not to mention a clever way to raise money for a great cause. Whether you're still amped up from taking a 2-1 advantage in the series or want to vent frustrations from years of being an Atlanta sports fan, be there!

Update: The Hawks let Harry the Hawk be the first to have a go at it, and made a nice video about it. Hysterical.