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Twitter Q&A with Hawks CEO Steve Koonin

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Koonin was both hilarious and excited while answering all the fans' questions this afternoon.

Kevin C. Cox

If you saw new Hawks CEO and co-owner Steve Koonin on FOX Sports South during the first quarter of Tuesday's game, you saw just how enthusiastic and excited he is about Atlanta. I know I was smiling at points while listening to him talk, just feeling glad the team seems to be in good hands.

Koonin took it one step further today, by doing a Twitter Q&A session today where fans could ask him anything using the hashtag #AskKoonin. Here are some highlights from the afternoon:

He seriously told several people when and where to meet up with him before this week's games! So cool. To check out all of Koonin's answers, just follow and read his hilarious twitter.