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Kyle Korver is the 2013-14 3-point shooting champion

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Breaking news, said no one.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Korver ended the 2013-14 regular season shooting 47.2 percent from beyond the arc, making him the 3-point shooting king. According to the team, Korver is the first player in Hawks history to lead the league in 3-point shooting. That percentage, set while playing in 71 games, is only second to the 53.6 percent he shot in 52 games with Utah in 2009-2010.

Korver, as we all know, dominated this season, breaking Dana Barros' record of 89 consecutive games with a made 3. He got the streak all the way up to 127 straight games, which probably won't be touched anytime soon.

In a season that had its depressing stretches, rooting for Kyle to make another 3 was a highlight of the year for Atlanta fans. Congrats to Kyle!