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Mailbag: Lucas Nogueira, Mike Scott and more Where's Lou

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This week's mailbag includes questions about first-round pick Lucas Nogueira, Mike Scott's future and more.

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Another great weeks worth of questions in the mailbag. Lets get right to it:

Nathan asks via Twitter

Do you think Lucas Nogueira will join the Hawks next season? Ferry left him in Europe so he could get minutes, but he hasn't played much because of injuries?

I have touched on this a bit of late. Nogueira's season clearly hasn't worked out the way the he or the Hawks have wanted but all is not lost either. He's played in three straight games for Estudiantes and was named as the league's top defender for this past week. There are eight games remaining in the Liga Endesa season and Nogueira needs to finish strong. He's performed reasonably well when he has been on the court.

To answer your question though I think it depends. The plan is for Nogueira to finish the season in Spain and then take part in Summer League with the Hawks. Whether or not he is on the roster next season will most likely be determined by what other moves the team makes this summer.

John wants to know

What is all of the fuss about Nogueira in Spain? His averages of 6.4 points and 4.2 rebounds are nothing compared to Mike Muscala's while he was in Spain.

Two completely different situations. Muscala was a huge part of his Spanish team from the outset. Nogueira very well could have been but the injury bug bit him early. Estudiantes was forced to move on while Nogueira recovered.

On the surface 6.4 points and 4.2 rebounds probably doesn't look that impressive but consider he's doing that in just over 16 minutes a game and is not a featured scorer on the team. He's shooting over 70 percent from the field and has missed a total of 11 shots all season.

Nogueira is just working his way back into shape. He may not get more minutes due to the injury concern but it will be interesting to see how he finishes the season out in Spain.

Ross asks

How long and how much money do you think the Hawks will give Mike Scott this offseason?

Mike Scott has been a great story this season. He came into training camp with an unguaranteed contract and was looking at a frontcourt where there might not have been a ton of opportunities. He quickly showed that he belonged and has developed into a pretty good scorer off the bench.

With that said I don't think the Hawks will overpay to keep Mike. If a team throws a decent offer for him then I think he will move on. His deficiencies on the defensive end of the floor might scare other teams away and limit some of the interest.

I think Scott is a valuable bench piece. I also think the Hawks would most likely want to keep him around. Will be interesting to see what teams show interest.

Cameron asks

The Hawks will likely be returning mostly the same roster for next year, but what can the coaching staff do over the off-season to build a better defense with the players they currently have?

First and foremost is hope for a more healthy roster next season. Getting Al Horford back immediately boosts the defense. To harp a little more on the injuries its tough when a team has to constantly shuffle in new combinations onto the floor. Communication, trust and accountability are all important for solid defensive units and when you are constantly shuffling different combinations onto the floor breakdowns are bound to happen.

From a roster standpoint, I think adding another player with size to the wing would also help the team tremendously. Atlanta has a lot of options in the backcourt currently but none of them other than Korver has a lot of size. I think that is an area that really needs to be addressed this summer whether it is in the draft or in free agency.

Forum user dkrib

What do you think of Pero's future with the Hawks? Do you think his ability to hit the 3 makes him a must sign for the next few years?

Luckily this isn't something they have to worry about right now. Pero signed a two-year deal with the Hawks last summer according to and the second year is fully unguaranteed. The Hawks will most likely keep Antic around next year as long as he is happy with the situation. He's currently 31 years old so I don't think they will be committing to anything multi-year.

We didn't really know what to expect out of Antic this season and he has really performed well in Al Horford's absence. I don't believe the plan was to ever have him play this many minutes but he has shown that he can be a valuable reserve.

Forum user wmcgee_va

How was the Lou Williams soap opera affected by the Pacers outcome?

My question is what soap opera are you referring to? Lou was benched in March because of two reasons. No. 1 was the team was struggling and Mike Budenholzer was searching for a combination that would garner better results. No. 2 Lou was struggling and has struggled for much of the season.

Since getting back in the mix Williams has played much better and has been much more efficient on the offensive end of the floor. He missed two games with a hamstring injury but played on Wednesday against the Celtics. We have no reason to believe that his absence was anything beyond that.

That's it for this week, thanks again to everyone that sent in questions and we will do it again next week.