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Mailbag Part II: Danny Ferry's process, the NBA Draft and more

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In Part 2 of this week's mailbag we talk about what it takes to build a championship contender, Danny Ferry's timeline, the Draft and the WNBA.

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We wrap up this week's mailbag with more great questions about the process of building a champion, the draft and finally the Atlanta Dream and the WNBA.


Can a team with Millsap and Al win a championship? Or is one of them trade bait for getting a true center or a wing.

Great question Paul. History shows that the team winning the NBA Championship usually has at least one and maybe more superstars. However, history has also shown that those superstars don't have to confined to a certain position. Great centers have led teams to the championship along with exceptional point guards and dynamic wing players.

I absolutely believe Al Horford and Paul Millsap possess the intangibles to be a part of a championship club. If that were to happen here in Atlanta then the Hawks would have to add superstar talent most likely at the point guard position and similar talent at the wing. Since Horford and Millsap are probably the two players currently on the Hawks roster with the most value then it makes sense that the team would probably have to part with one or the other, if not both to obtain a superstar.

As I mentioned in the first mailbag this week. I dont' believe that there is any single one player on this team that is truly untouchable. The price tag is likely high for either Horford or Millsap but both players could be had for the right offer.

Only Danny Ferry really knows what the "right offer" is.

Georgia Boy 706:

This is Danny Ferry's third offseason coming up. What are the expectations from him? I've think he's done a decent job so far keeping us flexible and having tradeable assets, but it's time to start turning this team into a contender this off-season.

I think if you asked Danny Ferry when he started the process of turning this team into a contender he would tell you that it began when he started unloading salary for future flexibility. There is no quick fix here and unfortunately that isn't what a lot of fans want to hear.

Personally I am looking for more of the same from Ferry this summer. I expect shrewd moves in free agency for players that hopefully outperform their contract in the way that DeMarre Carroll has. I expect trade options to be explored. I expect this team to draft players with high upside because it's clear that they believe in their player development model.

Does that produce a 40 win team next year? 50? I can't really answer that yet until we see what happens. I don't think there is any pressure on Ferry at this point although again many of the fanbase won't like hearing that. If he has shown anything he won't deviate from his plan and that plan is to continue to acquire valuable assets at an affordable cost.

ATL Bruno:

What players would you like to see the Hawks target in this deep draft class assuming they hold their current position?

To be perfectly honest I haven't dug to deep into the draft just yet. I have been relying on the excellent job that RedRev has been doing for the site. Once we know officially who is in the draft and where the Hawks are picking then it will become somewhat easier to project.

If I have learned anything watching the draft process unfold over the years it's that certain players will rise and fall as the process plays itself out. Personally I have been most interested in the small forwards or big guards this season. Kentucky's James Young caught my eye early but I really have no idea if he is someone that would be available for the Hawks.

Terry wants to know:

Will Peachtree Hoops be covering the Atlanta Dream this season?

Great question and the answer is yes. We are planning on covering the Atlanta Dream and the WNBA this season. We will be setting up a hub for Dream coverage in much of the same way we have done with our NBA Draft coverage. WNBA training camps open around the end of April and we hope to have our coverage in full swing at that time.

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