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Spirit the Hawk Set to Return

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As the Atlanta Hawks march forward with new investors to further develop their brand, an old face will return in the form of Spirit the Hawk. This time, Spirit will have a partner in crime!

Kevin C. Cox

The Atlanta Hawks' payroll is getting a little bigger, although there are no concerns about cap space. GM Danny Ferry has decided to obtain two live hawks to live in the rafters of Philips Arena according to a source who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak for the team. An official announcement is expected sometime tomorrow.

"Ever since the 2009 playoff series against the Miami HEAT, there was a divide in management about the removal of Spirit as a mascot," the source noted, referring to the 2009 First Round Playoff Series against the HEAT where Spirit escaped the arm of his handlers.

"Our new investors made it clear that Spirit would return along with a second one as well. There was concern that with only one bird in the building the organization would really just be the Atlanta Hawk. Not only would that dilute our brand but there's a real possibility that Mike Scott might get confused and think that he had been traded."

The source additionally confirmed that the name Spirit will be brought back and Connie is rumored to be the second name, after former Hawks' center Connie Hawkins.

Still no word on who the investors are, although the Atlanta Hawks will likely unveil the identity of their new investors as well as their new mascots tomorrow against the Bulls.

In honor of Spirit returning, it seems appropriate that we refresh Hawks fans on the, uh, excitement that Spirit brought to the Highlight Factory. Enjoy!

Edit: April Fools! Sadly, there have been no updates on Spirit the Hawk which makes it unlikely he will return. But hey, we can still dream about him returning.