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NBA Power Rankings: Hawks free falling

The final stretch of the season has begun, lets see where the Hawks rank this week.

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Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Well it has not been easy for the Hawks after watching the team go through a losing streak. Some of the teams behind the Hawks in the standings have started to play well and look to possible threaten Atlanta to take its playoff spot. Before I get too into the possibility of the Hawks missing out on the playoffs, let's take a look at this weeks power rankings.

The first ranking on this list is from as Jason Patt puts the Hawks at #23.

The Hawks are floundering, losers of six straight and hanging onto that final playoff spot in the East by a thread.

USA Today drops the Hawks to #20 and make a sad but true statement.

They are the playoff contender currently starting the most guys you have never heard of.

Jimmy Spencer of also drops the Hawks to #20 and also makes a point that I am sure many on this site have brought up.

The Hawks are fighting for their playoff lives, but is the reward of no lottery and a first-round matchup against the Heat or Pacers really worth it? If the Hawks hold off the Knicks, there is no way they survive the first round.

Kurt Helin of drops the Hawks to #21 and takes note of the issues on defense.

Atlanta has lost six in a row and keep hope of a playoff spot alive in New York. The Hawks have a much easier schedule than the Knicks down the stretch (only four games left against teams over .500) but that will not matter without some wins. To get their wins they are going to have to play better defense, that is the side of the ball where they are really struggling.

Matt Moore of drops Atlanta to #23 and sums it up nicely.
Sometimes you open the pantry and there's nothing left to cook.

John Schuhmann of just wraps up most of the problems the past week in this statement as the Hawks are dropped to #22.

The Hawks' losing streak has reached six games and only the Knicks' own futility is keeping them in the playoffs. Kyle Korver's shooting is missed - Atlanta has shot 27 percent from 3-point range in the six games - but second-half defense has been a bigger problem. They've been tied or had the lead in four of the games, but have allowed over 116 points per 100 possessions in the six second halves.

Marc Stein of drops Atlanta to #22 and my god did he just make a joke from #EventheHawks?

It appears to have dawned on the Hawks that the only way they're getting a lottery pick in June, now that Brooklyn has boomeranged so nicely, is missing the playoffs themselves. At 7-20 since Feb. 1, Atlanta has seen its 6.5-game lead on #eventheseknicks from March 4 sliced to 1.5.

Matt Dollinger of also drops the Hawks to #23 and mentions that we are giving hope to the Cavs or the Knicks.

The Hawks, who have lost six consecutive games, are doing their best to give the Knicks and even the Cavaliers a shot at making the playoffs. With 10 remaining and just a one-game lead, the season might be too long for Atlanta to reach the playoffs for the seventh year in a row.

Finally, Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports mentions how the Hawks managed to make the #8 spot an interesting race with the bottom teams as he drops Atlanta to #19.

The Hawks, losers of six straight, have done all they can to help the Knicks' playoff hopes. Cleveland also is making a late run at the East's No. 8 seed.

Well that does it for this week's rankings and it seems that the Hawks have dropped on every site due to the losing streak. The race for the 8th spot seems to be picking up since I would guess that the teams in the 8th-10th spot are trying hard to make it into the playoffs. Anyway let me know what you guys think of these rankings and if you expect the Hawks to fall out of the playoffs or hold on.